The Very Interesting Game™ is an exercise used in the signature class, How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone®. It is not a “conversation starter” game of typical “get to know you” questions. These are five games that can be played independently of each other or combined into one exciting game! The Very Interesting Game™ sets the stage for the imagination to run wild! It is full of funny debates, risk-taking, weird facts, different questions, and even stranger answers. It reinforces the five areas that a person needs to focus on to build stronger connections with others. When combined with the How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone® training class, the game becomes a platform for continued learning. It helps shape new habits long after the training is over. Due to popular demand, the game is being revised for individual and group sales. It will be available for purchase through Amazon and other retailers soon.

How to be More Interesting than a Cell Phone™