The Game

Awaken Your Personality! Spike Your Conversations!

Most people do not want to hurt your feelings by telling you that you are boring. This game shows you how to be more interesting instead. Five different games help to awaken parts of your personality, and spike conversational skills that may have been lulled to sleep by our “always-on” society. You will get to know others playing the game, but more importantly, you may get to know yourself better, too.

You will discuss how to organize a BBQ for aliens that landed in your backyard, what lurks in the dark, and food waste that can be turned into tee shirts. You will gamble, guess, and guffaw. Throw accuracy out the window. This is not about memorizing hard facts and trying to prove you are smart. There are no wrong answers in this game. This is about using your imagination. So let it run wild! It is safe to play at the office or around your grandma because it takes you to the line without crossing it. (If you have invited members of a royal family to your Game Night, you may want to remove the cards about farts, asparagus pee, and the male version of PMS. Other than that, you should be good to go.) Brace yourself. Things are about to get more interesting!

Partiers Take Note: You can still make this an adult game because any game can be an adult party game…if you really think about it.

Recommended for ages 17+ due to the complexity of the topics. Minimum players = 3. Maximum players = 9. It typically takes 120 minutes to complete the game. Individual results vary.