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The Better Way to Connect

the Better Way to Connect

Most People are Tired or Terrified of the Typical Networking Event.

There are better ways to get to know someone.

How to be More Interesting than a Cell Phone™

Hire The Interesting Conversations Company to kick boredom out of your next networking event, team building session or sales training class.

Cheese cubes to the left of you, open bar to your right – stuck in the middle with a boring conversation. The Interesting Conversations Company™ was created to change that. After accumulating more than 10,000 hours of networking time, the founder Deedre Daniel, created a training class called: “How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone”™, which combines funny stories from the convention circuit with valuable communication skills for people needing to develop new business for their company or looking to make new friends.

Are you tired of those same old networking events?

Event attendees learn how to apply those interesting communication techniques with an interactive card game immediately after the presentation. This can be done in any venue with tables, sound system and a projection screen.

And companies sponsoring the conference reception will get more advertising value because the game can include a card with an interesting fact or question about the company. The outside of the box can be branded with their logo, too. And that company’s associates can be strategically placed at each table so that they effectively connect with everyone at the party.

Winners of the game can take it home as a prize. Or enough games can be purchased for all attendees to enjoy as a special party favor. That is more marketing value than just a logo on a banner or cocktail napkin, right?

Our goal is to help event attendees make new friends and business connections, develop new skills and generate new ideas, which should result in repeat event attendance next year, too.

Hire The Interesting Conversations Company for your next networking event, team building or sales training class. It’s the better way to connect!


Are you tired of those same old networking events?

Deedre Daniel
Founder and Principal

The Very Interesting Game ™

This game will rapidly shorten the time it takes to get to know someone at a networking event, party or date. It cuts past surface level pleasantries and creates a comfortable environment where people can relax, laugh and learn. The game seeks to light up parts of the brain that may be lying dormant, which are those parts that have been lulled to sleep – paradoxically – by our “always on” culture.

It is divided into five sections that captures the player’s imagination through “Conversation Spikes” ™ and improv comedy exercises; trains players how to present thoughtful arguments through team debates on non-political topics (Which way should toilet paper hang?); challenges assumed knowledge and builds critical thinking skills; and sets the stage for conversations that are so captivating that no one wants to look at their phone for something more interesting.

“I have worked with thousands of speakers so I feel confident in saying that Deedre Daniel is one of the best! Where do I begin when tooting her horn? She is the consummate entertainer – full of both wit and wisdom. What separates Deedre from others is her ability to connect with audiences in a raw, honest, authentic way which shoves all vulnerability aside and makes space for actual real human connection. Having been one of the top rated speakers at ASAE conferences over the years and many other programs and events, Deedre has proven that any audience will simultaneously be moved, inspired, and amused by her style.”

Megan Denhardt, CAE
The Denhardt Group

“Deedre immediately came to mind as a perfect speaker for our conference. Her session on how to introduce yourself and making connections really resonated with the attendees. She gave them real tips and ideas that they could use to grow professionally. Our members loved her and in our post-conference survey she received solid positive reviews for her style and presentation skills.

Thank you Deedre for making me laugh and creating a connection that truly makes me smile whenever I see your name.”

Dominique Stumpf CMP, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
National Pest Management Association

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and experiencing Deedre Daniel on the big (and little)stage. So I recently asked her to train my team of 20 sales representatives on how to network. The class, “How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone” provided participants with tangible tactics to help build strong connections and lasting impressions. She was dynamic, engaging, funny, and informative. The next day we hosted an event in DC with more than 50 partners and prospects. I was so impressed with the team casually and confidently joining conversations, especially some of our most self-proclaimed introverts. Deedre just had a way of bringing the best out of the team.”

Mickey Herbert
President & COO
Meridian One, a Gallagher Company


Are you trying to build business contacts, make new friends or find a romantic partner? The goals are different, but the strategies and skills needed to accomplish them are very similar. Do you need help “breaking in” at a new networking event or building both the confidence and a solid plan to land that large account? A limited number of customized one-on-one phone or video conference training sessions are available with Deedre. The 15 minute consultation is free and the personalized training is $250 an hour.