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The Better Way to Connect®

the Better Way to Connect®

Our mission is to Help People Think Creatively, LAUGH, and Build Stronger Bonds with Others.

Our mission is to Help People Think Creatively, LAUGH, & Build Stronger Bonds with Others.

Why The Interesting Conversations Company was started:

The Interesting Conversations Company was started:

Do you feel stuck or numb? Are you bored? We believe you can live a more interesting life. It is not only about broadening your horizons, trying new things, meeting people, and exploring ideas. It is about mustering the courage and making the decision to change. Adults often fall into mental ruts caused by years of caving to societal pressures to “fit in” at their companies and within their social circles. Group-think restricts creativity and crushes new ideas before they can form. Fear of failure or criticism prohibits others from embracing change, too. We help you to find the courage to break away from routine and out of your cage.

Fun is not frivolous. We believe everyone should laugh more and embrace all things funny and ridiculous. Adults do not laugh enough! We help you to tap into the humor that drifted away with childhood.

We believe real connections matter and specialize in teaching you how to change the behaviors that limit your ability to forge stronger relationships. Through building better bonds, we help you to achieve your professional and personal goals. Relationships are essential to personal health and business success. We demonstrate how you can use technology to strengthen your connections with remote teams through our virtual games and training sessions. We help you get closer – even while social distancing!

The Very Interesting Game is constantly evolving because new content is generated every day! This changing content ensures live-hosted game shows have relevant, new, and unique topics to entertain you every time.

Note: Social interactions can be stressful for some, which is why our “introvert approved” events and courses are safe environments where they may engage at their own pace.  This business is not about shallow or awkward “conversation starters.” Weird subjects are explored, and normal topics are turned upside down – resulting in fascinating discussions for everyone. We pride ourselves on creating lasting positive memories for your employees, members, customers, and audience. Inside jokes and personal insights will form, which they will reference long after the event is over. 

Are you looking for something new that breaks past mundane, surface-level pleasantries to form memorable moments with others?

Do you want to help people build stronger bonds? Do you need your team to generate exciting and powerful ideas to move your organization forward? Then you have come to the right place.

Hire The Interesting Conversations Company for your next meeting, conference, networking event, team building, board retreat, or sales training class.

Are you tired of those same old networking events?

Deedre Daniel
Speaker, Trainer, and Game Inventor

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“Deedre understands people, groups, and events. She is a genius at delivering high-value and customized experiences for both sponsors and attendees. She has a masterful sense of both the corporate and association mindsets. I have participated in her Very Interesting Game several times and have worked with her to develop and deliver multi-faceted programs for clients’ virtual events. I am blown away by her talent at customizing and delivering anything from keynotes to structured happy hour progressive competitions. Attendees (game participants and the audience) are drawn in, and everyone has a great time!

Deedre adeptly integrates value to ensure that an organization monetizes its program. Sponsors’ branding and subject matter are woven into the visuals and the game questions, too. She is as organized as any great meeting planner, handles all related deliverables, and is a wiz at the technical elements – such as pre-recordings, live streams, chats, and engineering using the platform. She brings it all together seamlessly. When it’s “showtime,” Deedre is a delightfully smooth, charming, and provocative host who ensures a memorable experience for all!”

Patrick Wilson
Profitable Association, Inc.

Speaking Engagements

“I have worked with thousands of speakers, so I am confident in saying that Deedre Daniel is one of the best! She is the consummate entertainer – full of both wit and wisdom. What separates Deedre from others is her ability to connect with audiences in a raw, honest, authentic way, which shoves all vulnerability aside and makes space for actual real human connections. Having been one of the top-rated speakers at ASAE conferences, programs, and events over the years, Deedre has proven that any audience will simultaneously be moved, inspired, and amused by her style.”

Megan Denhardt, CAE
The Denhardt Group


“Deedre immediately came to mind as a perfect speaker for our conference. Her session on how to introduce yourself and making connections really resonated with the attendees. She gave them real tips and ideas that they could use to grow professionally. Our members loved her and in our post-conference survey, she received solid positive reviews for her style and presentation skills.

Thank you, Deedre, for making me laugh and creating a connection that truly makes me smile whenever I see your name.”

Dominique Stumpf CMP, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
National Pest Management Association

Corporate Training

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Deedre Daniel on the big (and little) stage. So I recently asked her to train my team of 20 sales representatives on how to network. The class, “How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone” provided participants with tangible tactics to help build strong connections and lasting impressions. She was dynamic, engaging, funny, and informative. The next day we hosted an event in DC with more than 50 partners and prospects. I was so impressed with the team casually and confidently joining conversations, especially some of our most self-proclaimed introverts. Deedre just had a way of bringing the best out of the team.”

Mickey Herbert
President & COO
Meridian One, a Gallagher Company

Bond with Customers and Employees - Remotely!

“Speedeon Data hosted several sessions with our team and they loved it. The Interesting Conversation Company is an ideal way to remove the distance being created by COVID with the remote working environment. We’ve also used this game with customers with the same very positive impact. Deedre, you’re amazing!”

Gerard Daher
Chief Executive Officer
Speedeon Data LLC

Innovative Sponsorships!

“Highly recommend! The game is extremely engaging and Deedre is an expert at bringing people together, making them think, enhancing communication skills, and creating next-level connections. We purchased several of the games and had them branded with our company name and colors. Our clients love them! We are now working with our partners and Deedre to create a new fun sponsorship opportunity at upcoming virtual association events. Can’t wait to invite our existing clients and prospects to join us!”

Lucas McCann

You Will Forget You are on a Video Conference

“We were looking for a way to engage our organization stakeholders in an interesting way to allow them an opportunity to connect outside of just holding a “zoom” meeting. Using The Interesting Conversations Company, we had a chance to laugh and engage with each other in a comfortable setting – so much so we forgot we were on a ZOOM meeting. Plus, it saved our own team time, having to lead or create an engaging way to connect since we left everything to the Interesting Conversations Company.”

Steven Stout, FSAE, CAE
Executive Director
Texas Society of Association Executives

Executive Women's Retreat

“I recently played this game at an executive women’s retreat and it was an absolute blast. This is by far one of the most creative group games I’ve ever played. It really gets people thinking – the more bizarre the better. I’m giggling just thinking about some answers. What a fun bonding time! Get it, play it and you won’t regret it.”

Teri Carden

Sessions for Teens

“Pace Center for Girls of Polk County had the pleasure of having Deedre Daniel, founder and principal of The a Interesting Conversations Company, speak to a small group of our girls. Throughout the presentation, Deedre was very engaging, creative, and hilarious! During the break out session, the girls that participated had the opportunity to practice what they learned by ‘spiking’ conversations for future networking opportunities. Overall, the girls loved their session with Deedre and cannot wait to have her come back and/or watch her on a Ted Talk!”

Julie Roggeman
Special Projects Associate
PACE Center for Girls

Multiple Uses!

“I had the opportunity to play the prototype version of this game. After playing with a group of friends, I knew I had to buy it when it came out. I’ve since played the card game with friends, family, and colleagues… and I’ve used the cards in our organization’s ‘Get to Know Your Co-worker’ activity we started since working from home due to COVID. I’ve also had the pleasure of playing the virtual version of the game via Zoom… several times! I can’t get enough! Ha! It’s fun, INTERESTING, and I can guarantee you it’s not like any other game you have played! It will have you thinking for days… and working on your ‘how to be more interesting’ skills.”

Anne Nevel, CAE
Vice President, Industry Education
Healthcare Distribution Alliance



Team Building

“Our team thought it was interesting, fun, a great way to get to know each other. Deedre’s session helped us gain insight about ourselves and our own habits that might send a conversation to the emergency room! It is very useful for people with all levels of experience, from young professionals to those late in their career. Deedre’s session is really valuable for teams to do together because it allows you to learn things about everyone else, and also about yourself, which you can apply when managing staff or working with colleagues. The section on the different types of people and how they can shut off conversations was super helpful, and helped me understand how I can engage and facilitate more interesting conversations!”


Katherine Raphaelson, President
Society for International Development
Washington, D.C.

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