How To Be More Interesting Than A Cell Phone®

Entertaining Keynotes:

Are you looking for a PG-rated entertainment that will bring loads of laughter without HR complaints? Deedre Daniel’s style is zany, wacky, and slightly irreverent. She will take you to the line_______without crossing it. Deedre delivers a memorable, informative, and entertaining presentation every time.

Live Gameshow Host or Game Facilitation:

Whether it is in-person or virtually, we know how to bring people together and make them laugh with our games! People are immediately put to ease when they realize they will not be doing something embarrassing, athletic, or childish. And they are pleasantly surprised when they learn they are rarely wrong in these game sessions! No macaroni sculptures. No falling backward. No singing, dancing, or bull roping. And we don’t test intelligence or physical strength, either. We light up brains instead. Inside jokes form. Big ideas are born. Bigger bonds forge.

Master of Engagement:

How do you boost engagement at your next event? Hire the Master of Engagement (ME)! A
regular emcee loosens up the crowd, keeps them informed, and ensures smooth transitions
between acts during the actual event. You will get even more with ME. Thoughtful interactions
and sponsor activations are mapped through from pre and post-event communication, too. All
gaps are identified and filled to ensure your event raises the bar.

Communication Training & Coaching:

There are Nine Deadly Habits that send conversations to the Emergency Room. Do you know what they are? The chances are high that you have at least one of these habits. (Usually, people have three.) And there are five skills you need to develop to “be more interesting than a cell phone.” This program will help you and your team break those bad habits and form better ones to accomplish big things together. Don’t stand in the way of your success by being boring! Select Private Coaching Client sessions available upon request.

How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone Training Class and Game License:

Are you a professional trainer or speaker? Do you manage corporate training for your company? You can become a “Certified Interesting Trainer” and license our fun and exciting training course and game for your business! Contact
The Interesting Conversations Company® now to learn how to become a Licensee today!


Big Idea & Strategy Brainstorming Sessions:

Does your board, team, or task force need to approach problems and situations in a new way? We bring decades of corporate experience in business planning, strategy, and marketing. Are you looking for the next big idea? Let us facilitate your next brainstorming session. You will walk out with new bold ideas that can take your organization to the next level.

VERY INTERESTING PERSON Certification Program:

Some people have an MBA. Others hold certificates to prove they are Dog Psychologists, Pokémon Professors, or Jedi Knights. Whatever your goals are, you need to stand out to get there. Sometimes all you need is a boost to give yourself the self-confidence to go after what you want. In this program, individuals join a series of ten group coaching video calls to discuss their weekly “interesting” tasks and assignments.  Those who graduate from the program will become a certified Very Interesting Person (VIP). Now that is something to brag about on your resume or dating profile! We will only accept a small number of applicants. Graduates will receive a membership number, official certificate, lapel pin, and other special perks, including induction into the Very Interesting People Society™.  We will invite VIPS to exclusive events filled with open-minded, extraordinary people!