About The Interesting Conversations Company®

 Deedre Daniel is the founder of The Interesting Conversations Company®. Before starting this company, she spent nearly two decades at GEICO, where she rose through the ranks from call center sales associate to head of the Affinity Marketing division. Her affinity marketing team was responsible for the marketing strategy to members of over 800 organizations. She was a “paid professional schmoozer” and amassed well over 10,000 hours of networking time from more than 11 years of attending conferences, events, and other networking receptions for these organizations. (She was on the road so much, that she racked up 1,200 nights with Marriott!) She noticed most people struggled to make lasting connections with others at these networking events. This increasing inability for people to connect inspired her to write a training class called, How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone®. She also invented The Very Interesting Game™ as an exercise to drive home the principles taught in the class. This card game is for sale on Amazon

Deedre is a graduate of Florida Southern College and lives in Lakeland, Florida, with her husband, Robert, and her active imagination. When she isn’t busy putting Loneliness to bed, she is writing a book and working on the 501(c)(3) she founded called The Big Fat Tip™. This organization enlists the help of volunteers to surprise people working in the service industry with $1,000+ tips. These are Total Random Acts of Kindness! Deedre has extensive experience speaking at conferences and training in corporate environments and has earned a reputation for having a wild and zany sense of humor. A recent example is below: